January 4 2021 part 2

Boris Johnson was in a sombre mood as he talked to the nation tonight. His message was very largely as anticipated. Schools and colleges will remain closed until half term in mid February at the earliest. As a consequence Ofqual will review the examinations as they will no longer be fair in the usual format. I was surprised that he did not put a time limit on being out of the home for exercise but it must be outdoors and local with the minimum amount of travelling. He is always the optimist and thought that if all goes well and with no hitches the top 4 classes of people to be immunised will be done by half term and we may see a clear path out of lockdown. I fear there are bound to be some hitches like delays in vaccine production. The clinically very vulnerable are to get another personal letter as he re-introduces shielding which will mean staying indoors at home again. I think we will be well into March before things are easier. It is definitely the last phase of this battle, we must all pull together, it is going to be very tough for everyone.

Do your best to stay cheerful and let’s support one another as much as we can from 2 metres and 2 masks apart.

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