February 8 2021

A shortened post tonight as we have had intermittent server problems all day and I have not been able to research my notes. I am writing them up but not sure when I can reconnect to the internet. I am sure it’s due to drifting snow.

The number of Covid 19 cases globally is now 99.7 million people. There have been 100,000 deaths in the UK and 400,000 in the USA. Several of you aged over 70 have still not received an invitation to have a vaccination. Today the arrangements have been changed to ensure you get your first jab by 15th . If you believe you should have been called you should take action and contact the NHS to get the appointment arranged. You can do it on line, or by dialling 119 or by contacting your GP.

Remember if you are not registered with a GP you may not get called so you should also ensure you are still registered. Beware of numerous scams and fraud. The vaccine is free. It any one tries to charge you it’s a scam. Hang up and report it.

There are calls for an amnesty of undocumented immigrants to come forward for vaccination. This action alone is claimed will not be sufficient . People will not have their immigration status checked at vaccination centres. The NHS has no interest in providing immigration data to the Home Office. There are strong views on this in some high immigration areas like here. Immunising immigrants, legal or illegal is a vital part of reducing risks generally of catching the infection. I would favour free vaccines for everyone done according to the established protocols.

Michael Gove has been criticising the EU for putting vaccine procurement before the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement. It has been now rescinded but the triggering of article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol to suspend free movement of goods and people on the island of Ireland violated the Good Friday agreement.

The statistics show 584,933 tests were done yesterday. Only 14,104 tested positive. This is still the effects of the weekend but is a 25.4% drop and the rate has fallen to 208.6 per 100k.Death figures are pleasingly low at 303. I predict this will rise again tomorrow after the weekend. The death rate has fallen to 8.8 per 100k . There is no new hospital data today . Vaccinations still proceed at pace, well over 12 million 1st doses and over half a million 2nd doses.

I hope I will be able to post this eventually. I will keep trying.

Please stay warm at home, in your family unit. Keep up all the protocols to stay safe, only going out if you must.

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