April 17 2021

I expect, like me, many of you have avidly watched the funeral of His Royal Highness Prince Philip today. I am just lost for words, what a very poignant and personal service it was.

Because of the Covid restrictions it was not anything like it otherwise might have been. A unique ceremony, the like of which, most people will have never seen before. I recognise there have been many funerals during Covid restrictions that we can identify with the difficulties it posed. The intimacy, the care and compassion shown was amazing, the filming and commentary most tasteful, the military precision was immaculate. It was so clear, that typical of His Royal Highness, he wanted no fuss. He wanted no eulogies or sermons. He wanted his life expressed in simple words and music, and that just shone through. This country certainly knows how to present ceremonial occasions, even at times of utmost sadness.

I hope you will agree that as a mark of respect I shall just give you the basics statistics today and leave other Covid news till tomorrow.

Vaccinations continue to be given in large numbers. We have now done 32.69 million first doses and 9.46 million second doses. 988,311 Covid tests were done in the last 24 hours and 2,206 were positive. This is a 6.5% drop in the last 7 day average. the rate is 29.3/100k

There were 35 deaths recorded which is a further 29% drop in the numbers over the last 7 days, the death rate is 0.3/100k

With the hospital data 2,186 were in hospital on 15 April. 179 more were admitted yesterday. There are only 332 being treated on a ventilator.

I can just imagine Prince Philip’s reaction now it’s over. He would say now “just get on with it!”

Get on with defeating Covid and helping the rest of the world to do the same.

Do please stay safe.

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