April 21 2021

60% of the adults aged 45-49 have been immunised in the last week with their first jab. France has issued its first Covid travel pass. They have given almost 100k doses in the last week. Boris Johnson has given his starkest warning yet that a third wave of the pandemic is coming in the months ahead. It would seem he is listening to his medical advisors who have been warning of this for some time. Some inside information tells me that the situation is quite severe now in Turkey but the President still refuses any lockdown restrictions for fear of severe damage to the economy. Back in the UK the New Task Force is determined to identify a pill you can be given as soon as tested positive which will reduce symptoms to a minimum and prevent people becoming seriously ill. Its other use would be in giving it to close contacts of an infected person to prevent them being infected at all.

We cannot afford to be complacent or deluded by our progress in overcoming the pandemic It has not gone away. There are still far too many not immunised including many who are refusing immunisation that can still spread the disease easily. This is why we have a race to get the whole adult population immunised fully. We also have the uphill task of persuading everyone to fully comply with the covid restrictions. This does not seem possible. It only wants one variant to resist the vaccine and we are in deep trouble again.

It seems that the NHS staff who have worked so hard now have to tackle the 4.5 million people on a waiting list with the risk of a third wave ever present.

More arguments between the EU and the makers of the OAZ vaccine who now say they do not want OAZ vaccine they only want the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine both of which use mRNA technology.

The statistic tonight show 33.1 million first doses given with 10.77 million second doses. Only 730,210 tests were done and 2,396 were positive this is a drop of 9.4% and the rate ois 25.2 per 100k. Deaths were only 22, they are falling steadily, down this week by 28% and the death rate is 0.2 per 100k of the population.

Hospital data shows we are almost under 2,000 beds occupied with covid patients. 192 new patients were admitted on 19th April. Three hundred still require a ventilator.

The figures are good the concerns are we are not doing enough to hold this rate of improvement. Too many are not distanced and too many not immunised.

You are repeatedly warned please try and stay safe.

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