November 1 2021 update

Tonight’s statistics are finally released but death reporting from England is probably incomplete.

50 000 tests were done, an improvement on recently, this may be because some schools have returned today after half term. There were 40,077 positive tests. This is 28 thousand less in the 7-day period and is a 8.9% reduction. I do not think it is clear whether this does represent a reduction of cases or just a reduction of those found after testing.

The death figure reported at 40, but the total in the week is now 1,101. The actual rate of death per 100,000 remains at 1.4% The number of single day admissions on 26 October was 1,090, 50 more than on 25th October.

There are now 9,065 people in hospital with Covid and 962 are on a ventilator. These continue to climb slowly.

Immunisation figures for first and second have hardly changed. For the 3rd or Booster, the numbers are rising with 8.11 million done, that’s 14.1% of the total.Nothing startling today, all much as expected

We cannot relax yet.

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