November 19 2021

Whilst there is increasing concern in Europe the situation in the UK remains stable, but despite some claims, there are little signs to suggest this pandemic is nearly over. Just because the media are bored with it, we cannot pretend its nearly over in the way many are doing, I fear we may yet get jolted out of complacency just in time for a tough Christmas.

Little Austria has been the first country to resist the campaign to Let Covid go away on its own. Next week they are introducing a tight lockdown for all those not immunised. No jabs, means you are unable to go to work or go to places of entertainment. Next to them mighty Germany are considering also enforcing mandatory vaccines. With a vaccine level of only 65% they are desperate to get more immunised. If Austria succeed, I am sure Germany will follow, then the door will be open for the rest of Europe to follow. There is no other way, we need a 90% plus level right across Europe to see this pandemic become under control.

We are still only managing around 1 million tests a day and they will fall off over the weekend. Over 46,000 positives on Thursday and over 44,000 today. The number positive per 100,000k of the population is back above 400 at 403.1/100k. In the last 7 days there were 32,000 more positive tests than the week before, a rise of over 13%.We know that generally, with 80% of us immunised, the severity of cases occurring is less which should mean less needing hospital beds and less dying. The biggest groups in hospital are now the older population who have refused immunisation, Children aged under 12 who have not yet been immunised and pregnant women who were not immunised. This is seen in the statistics, 199 deaths reported yesterday and 157 today. The death rate is now 1.4 for every 100,000 people catching it. The pressure on the hospitals from Covid has slightly eased but not the pressure more generally with millions waiting for investigations and procedures. 799 people were admitted on 14th November and 827 admitted the next day, the 15th November. 923 people are currently being treated on a ventilator.

The immunisation statistics show very little change on first and second doses. I suspect now, it’s only mandatory jabs that will significantly improve these figures. By tomorrow we will pass 25% on the third vaccinations which continue at pace. The staff at these centres have done a fantastic and efficient job as well as helping maintain morale. I know quite a few of my readers are working in these centres. Thank you for all your efforts.

So a brief report tonight but still a very important message for you to stay safe, avoid crowds, wear a mask in shops. Keep warm but encourage ventilation. If Germany follows Austria. watch the rest of Europe follow. Meanwhile stay safe everyone. Remember all I say is for friendly debate and I read all your comments and questions.

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