March 4 2022

The first week of the new data presentation for Covid has been accompanied by the most distressing circumstances in Europe that most of us will have ever experienced. The 100 deaths a day from Covid has faded almost to insignificance compared to the thousands killed or injured in Ukraine. Over 1 million refugees created in a week.

The data reveals, 4,354,545 people have had a Covid test in the last week. Many employees are still requiring tests to be done by their staff and I am pleased to see that although this number has dropped by 12.6% compared to the week before, a very significant number of tests are being done.

The number testing positive over the week is 255,864. This is just over 5,000 less than the week before, but statistically this is less than a 2% drop. The figure is fairly constant.

There have been 710 deaths recorded in the last week from Covid. This is 135 or 16% less than the previous 7days.

The hospital data shows that there were 10,510 are in hospital with Covid yesterday and only 264 are on a ventilator. Over the last 7 days 252 less people were admitted leaving a total of 7,961 admitted in the last week,

Vaccine administration is still rather slow. 91.6% have had a first jab. 85.3% have had 2 doses and 66.6% have had 3. We really do need to see how many have had a 4th dose, but no statistics are being made public.

We must not forget that there are still over 1 million people in the UK with long Covid. It causes prolonged fatigue and tiredness and is having a significant effect on mental health in the community..

An interesting use for the lateral flow tests has been found in Blackpool. A set of tests have been included in a time capsule and concealed in the structure of Blackpool tower.

I hope many of you have been contributing data to the Zoe study. They have just released some useful guidance. They recommend you should test as soon as possible if you show symptoms. If you should test positive It will take an average of 8 days before you test negative again. They recommend you do not waste tests afterwards and only test next on day 6. As before that, the results are not likely to change. For the over 75s they suggest you wait 10 days as the elderly have been found to take longer to revert back to negative. You are reminded always to report the positive tests as usual.

Zoe also is suggesting that the prevalence of cases is continuing to fall but there is evidence that it is beginning to plateau

The UK has apparently donated 1 million doses of the OAZ vaccine to Bangladesh

Ukraine has now suffered 105,505 deaths from Covid 19 and have had almost 5 million cases since the pandemic began. The situation now must make it impossible to obtain accurate figures. Many people are crowed together in underground shelters and trains are packed. The people of Ukraine have other things on their mind, but it is inevitable that the number of cases will rise in the next week or so.

Remember to continue your basics sensible precautions. Washing hands, wearing masks in confined spaces, ensure good ventilation in enclosed spaces, wear a mask and try to keep to the two metre rule. Do not be afraid to venture out into the world again and help and encourage those who are frightened. Please donate things of value to refugees there will be collecting centres near you. Make a donation to the international Red Cross who are leading the work on behalf of the UNHCR, if you can afford to.

Stay very positive that both Covid and Putin can be defeated, above all stay safe.

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