March 18 2022

The number of Covid 19 tests being done continues to rise by about 10% week on week. For the last 7 days it is almost 5 million tests, actually 4,997,040. This is almost 450, 000 more than the previous week. The number testing positive grows every day. In the last week 552,198. This is aContinue reading “March 18 2022”

March 16 2022

Despite concerns that people were likely to drop routine testing if they were no longer required to, the British public have responded to the new surge in cases by continuing to test. The number of tests done in the last 7-day period continues to rise, the latest figure for tests done is now 4,867,725. ComparedContinue reading “March 16 2022”

March 4 2022

The first week of the new data presentation for Covid has been accompanied by the most distressing circumstances in Europe that most of us will have ever experienced. The 100 deaths a day from Covid has faded almost to insignificance compared to the thousands killed or injured in Ukraine. Over 1 million refugees created inContinue reading “March 4 2022”