March 28 2022

For the first time for 20 days the number of Covid tests done in the previous week has dropped, this week’s total 5,023,854 is over 113,000 less than the week before. Of course, if you do less tests, you will get fewer positive results. In the last 7 days 587,721 have tested positive. That isContinue reading “March 28 2022”

November 22 2021

One of the starkest warnings yet came over the weekend from a German Minister who declared Germans “Will be immunised, recovered or dead by the spring”. In the UK there are still 4 million adults who have had one but not had a second jab and a further 5 million who have not even hadContinue reading “November 22 2021”

November 12 2021

An average of almost exactly 1 million Covid tests have been done on each of the last two days. It is only one percent difference from the previous week. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that to be a significant change it has to be more than 5% and sustained for at least 3Continue reading “November 12 2021”

November 8 2021

Today I will start with a news round up as the statistics are delayed yet again. Acupuncture has been very important in Chinese culture and has been widely used for a long time. It seems especially used for inflammatory disease. During the Covid pandemic it has extensively been used as a complementary therapy for CovidContinue reading “November 8 2021”