April 8 2022

According to the Government web site, the number of tests done in the UK in the week ending today was only 3,629,2226. Over a million less than in the previous week. Of those tests 333k were positive. 184 thousand less than the week before. We know just by looking around us that these figures areContinue reading “April 8 2022”

December 8 2021

When is a party not a party ? This question has been a distraction for a week now during which time the spread of the Omicron variant has been rapid. Today there are reported to be 568 cases identified in the United Kingdom and the numbers are doubling every two to three days. This wasContinue reading “December 8 2021”

November 10 2021

A few weeks ago, it seemed that the numbers of new cases of Covid were rising but hospital admissions and deaths were not. During the two weeks of half term, the situation has reversed with now the number of hospital admissions and deaths creeping up, but the number of new cases is tailing off. AtContinue reading “November 10 2021”