March 16 2021

Some days we seem to have been testing nearly a million extra tests which represent the mass testing of children and perhaps this is the reason the number of new cases is very steady and is not dropping as we want it to. I cannot find any statistical breakdown by age of the positive tests.Continue reading “March 16 2021”

March 15 2021

Coronaviruses like Covid 19 seem to evolve more slowly, it’s quite a sluggish virus compared with the influenza virus which can mutate much more frequently. This is why we have to tweak the seasonal influenza virus vaccine every year to cover the new variants and mutations. On the other hand the measles vaccine has beenContinue reading “March 15 2021”

March 11 2021

Dr Melissa Heightman is a member of NHS England’s Long Covid task force. She commented to confirm some new evidence emerging that patients who are hospitalised with covid 19 and then recovered are more likely to avoid any of the Long Covid after effects. It seems up to 1/5th or 20% of patients may developContinue reading “March 11 2021”