September 22 2021

At present the average number of daily deaths from all causes is about 1,400 per day in England and Wales. As autumn and the winter approach the number of daily deaths increases every day. There have only been 166 deaths recorded today from Covid 19. This makes you realise we are not taking any noticeContinue reading “September 22 2021”

July 26 2021

There has been considerable difficulty collecting the Covid statistics in the last three days. For 3 days running it has allegedly been due to difficulties with the English deaths data. On Saturday it was 8 hours late being released a few minutes before midnight. Today an hour and a quarter late. How hard is itContinue reading “July 26 2021”

June 21 2021

The statistics for the last 3 days have remained very steady. Unfortunately, the hospital data is still not updated every day. The latest published figures are 226 new cases admitted on 15th June with 1,413 admitted in the previous 7 days. 1,316 patients were in hospital beds. The only figure to change was the numberContinue reading “June 21 2021”

May 28 2021

Yesterday there was news from some German scientists claiming to have discovered why some of the Covid vaccines have caused blood clots associated with low platelet counts. This only applies to the more traditional vaccines and not the mRNA based vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. These traditional vaccines like the one from OAZ employ adenovirusContinue reading “May 28 2021”

May 17 2021

You have had both your jabs and are set to go. Stop right there. This week you need another shot of an abundance of caution, or so says our Prime Minister. The planned reduction in lockdown restrictions began this morning. The decision to move forward was balanced on a knife edge as the number ofContinue reading “May 17 2021”