February 18 2022

I write my report tonight wondering how many of you will be able to read it, and even if I will be able to complete it before we lose electricity or telephone internet connections. Both are above ground supplies and its common to lose supply in storms like this in my area. So far soContinue reading “February 18 2022”

September 6 2021

Well over 1 million tests have been done daily according to the figures published for the last three days. Today mass testing in schools began in England as the bulk of school children returned. This means we can expect a rise this week in the number of tests being done. The rise of just 2.4%Continue reading “September 6 2021”

September 3 2021

The figures for today have included the young people aged 16-17 for the first time, however numbers are relatively small, with the change not obviously apparent, but is more accurate. As the children have returned to school and to regular testing again, so the number of daily tests has increased again. There were over 1Continue reading “September 3 2021”

September 1 2021

As Monday was a Bank Holiday, it is to be expected that today Wednesday will have the highest numbers reported this week. 921,000 tests were done yesterday compared with 672,000 on the Bank Holiday Monday. 35,693 were positive which is 517 less positive cases in the last 7 days compared with the previous week. AContinue reading “September 1 2021”

August 4 2021

The Covid app many of us have on our mobile phones has been “tweaked” a little to make it less sensitive to Covid exposure. This means hopefully less numbers will be pinged into self-isolation. It is planned to replace self-isolation for those doubly vaccinated with daily testing. This will mean many more can stay atContinue reading “August 4 2021”

June 28 2021

Well, after the revelations that hit the news on Friday, it was inevitable that the former Health Secretary resigned on Saturday and by Sunday we have a new leader in place. Sajid Javid is no stranger to politics at the highest levels, having been previously both Home Secretary and Chancellor. This past experience will helpContinue reading “June 28 2021”

May 24 2021

England passed 60 million doses of Covid vaccine given over the weekend with 750,000 being done on Saturday and over 6 million in the last 7 days. Unfortunately, and as predicted, the number testing positive is consistently over 2,200 per day. Today’s figure was 2,439 which equates to a positive rate of 23.2 per 100kContinue reading “May 24 2021”

April 8 2021

Matt Hancock quite rightly has denied claims from UCL that the UK will reach herd immunity for Covid 19 on Monday as 75.4% of the population will have Covid antibodies through catching the disease or being immunised. Normally a figure of 95% is thought to be the level for herd immunity to develop. That certainlyContinue reading “April 8 2021”