December 1 2021

In order not to completely spoil our Christmas festivities for a second year, our Government are trying very hard to keep things as normal as possible and to allow social activities to keep the hospitality industry still at work and to boost the morale of the community which has clearly began to wane. All isContinue reading “December 1 2021”

September 1 2021

As Monday was a Bank Holiday, it is to be expected that today Wednesday will have the highest numbers reported this week. 921,000 tests were done yesterday compared with 672,000 on the Bank Holiday Monday. 35,693 were positive which is 517 less positive cases in the last 7 days compared with the previous week. AContinue reading “September 1 2021”

August 30 2021

How was your Bank holiday? There was plenty of choice for those wanting to catch Covid 19. There were football matches, a test match, numerous camping festivals and many other events which in England had no rules to help prevent getting infected. To be fair many of the organisers did require evidence of immunisation andContinue reading “August 30 2021”

August 4 2021

The Covid app many of us have on our mobile phones has been “tweaked” a little to make it less sensitive to Covid exposure. This means hopefully less numbers will be pinged into self-isolation. It is planned to replace self-isolation for those doubly vaccinated with daily testing. This will mean many more can stay atContinue reading “August 4 2021”

June 28 2021

Well, after the revelations that hit the news on Friday, it was inevitable that the former Health Secretary resigned on Saturday and by Sunday we have a new leader in place. Sajid Javid is no stranger to politics at the highest levels, having been previously both Home Secretary and Chancellor. This past experience will helpContinue reading “June 28 2021”

April 7 2021

Prof Jonathan Van Tam demonstrated his skill in the use of English when he announced a ‘course correction’ this afternoon in the use of vaccine in the UK while experts continue to assess any link between the OAZ vaccine and the very rare cerebral venous blood clots in association with low platelets. This course correctionContinue reading “April 7 2021”

March 28 2021

A quiet day on the Covid front with no startling or worrying news to report. This means it quickly disappears from the headlines, which must be a good thing.The daily figures are affected because it’s a Sunday and particularly deaths registered are lower than average. We use a seven-day rolling average to try and smoothContinue reading “March 28 2021”

March 19 2021

The fiasco in Europe continues as the UK continues to progress well towards the end of this current peak, which will only end with a very high rate of immunisation. It is significant that the UK has now immunised half of their adult population whereas in the EU the average is only 10%. Let’s firstContinue reading “March 19 2021”