July 9 2021

The statistics show we continue to do around 1.1 million tests per day. Today there have been 35,707 positive cases compared with 32,551 yesterday. This means over 200k more cases in just the last 7 days . this is a rise of 30.7%. The national rate is now at 277.3 per 100k of the population.Continue reading “July 9 2021”

June 21 2021

The statistics for the last 3 days have remained very steady. Unfortunately, the hospital data is still not updated every day. The latest published figures are 226 new cases admitted on 15th June with 1,413 admitted in the previous 7 days. 1,316 patients were in hospital beds. The only figure to change was the numberContinue reading “June 21 2021”

May 7 2021

The Covid statistics for England continue to impress and we are clear leaders at present in the global battle against Covid, alongside Israel which is a much smaller nation. Today, 1,037,566 Covid tests were done and 2,190 were positive. This represents a 7.9% drop in the 7 day rolling average. The rate of positive testsContinue reading “May 7 2021”