March 28 2022

For the first time for 20 days the number of Covid tests done in the previous week has dropped, this week’s total 5,023,854 is over 113,000 less than the week before. Of course, if you do less tests, you will get fewer positive results. In the last 7 days 587,721 have tested positive. That isContinue reading “March 28 2022”

Jan 14 2022

Did the leading tennis player in the world really expect that Australian officials would accept a name like Novak without checking his vaccine status. His poor parents must be wishing he had been given another name. Today’s figures continue to be encouraging. There were 1.57 million tests yesterday and 1.4 million today. These figures areContinue reading “Jan 14 2022”

January 12 2022

I am pleased that today’s figures confirm the optimism of a couple of days ago was justified. We need a few more days data to be sure that the return to school has not caused a rise in cases. The number of tests done today is still a very significant 1.41 million but, is actuallyContinue reading “January 12 2022”

January 10 2022

There is potentially good news tonight. The reported figures are encouraging and, although early days, are suggesting we are at the peak of this surge of the pandemic. The figures are static or beginning to drop across the board. Today we have recorded 1.65 million tests being done. This is a rise of 2.3 millionContinue reading “January 10 2022”

December 29 2021

The daily data is normally published at 4 pm. Unfortunately, at this point in time it is still unavailable. It probably one of the most important sets of data as it has been very sparse over the 4 day Bank Holiday. Whilst I wait here are some statistics from another source, mostly the UK HealthContinue reading “December 29 2021”

27 December 2021

I trust everyone has survived their Christmas activities and that those of you who were unwell are beginning to feel a little better. When Christmas day falls on a Saturday we have the luxury of two extra Bank Holidays before work returns to nearer normal. Judging by the traffic on the motorways today many moreContinue reading “27 December 2021”

November 5 2021

As we come to the end of another week, its only 6 weeks until the daylight hours begin to last longer, and Christmas gets closer. Cop 26 and racism in cricket are way ahead of Covid in the news coverage. People are bored with Covid and want to move on. It is so important toContinue reading “November 5 2021”

October 15 2021

Only minimal facts and figures are released at weekends which makes comparison quite difficult. I cannot see any sign of improvement on the horizon. It is tomorrow and Wednesday when fuller more up to -date figures are released. The Government have added a rider to today’s statistics, apparently there are no figures from Wales inContinue reading “October 15 2021”

September 29 2021

Inspired by reading my National Trust magazine for Autumn which has just arrived, I read that “Research has revealed that time outdoors boosts self esteem and encourages calmness.” So I was up and out early in the sun this morning to have some lungs full of fresh clean air and a large dose of theContinue reading “September 29 2021”