August 9 2021

The Covid pandemic, at least in England, is in a quiet phase. The statistics for the last 3 days are influenced by the weekend. When there are only low numbers, percentage change gets distorted, and it is much better to look at the total figures for the last 7 days to get a better pictureContinue reading “August 9 2021”

August 4 2021

The Covid app many of us have on our mobile phones has been “tweaked” a little to make it less sensitive to Covid exposure. This means hopefully less numbers will be pinged into self-isolation. It is planned to replace self-isolation for those doubly vaccinated with daily testing. This will mean many more can stay atContinue reading “August 4 2021”

July 14 2021

At the latest count, 92 patients are dead in yet another hospital fire in Iraq involving a Covid ward. There are also about 100 injured, some critically. It has been alleged that there was an electrical fault in the air conditioning which started the fire and then many oxygen cylinders exploded. An oxygen cylinder inContinue reading “July 14 2021”

April 3 2021

On a quiet Easter Saturday, yet again there is little new news. The debate goes on about whether or not there is any causal relationship between the extremely rare cavernous sinus venous thrombosis or cerebral venous sinus thrombosis as some of the media are calling it. We knew about this rare condition long before CovidContinue reading “April 3 2021”

March 30 2021

Once again the controversy over the OAZ vaccine has reappeared, both Canada and Germany have stopped giving it to the under 55 due to the incredible rare condition cavernous sinus thrombosis, a rare blood clotting at the base of the brain. There are estimated to be 2 cases per million of the population. There hasContinue reading “March 30 2021”

March 24 2021

The daily statistics are probably the best indicators of our slow progress to survive and come through this pandemic. Only 839,954 covid tests were done in the last 24 hours, this is a bit lower than usual but still an incredible number. There is no indication as to the reason it’s lower than normal, itContinue reading “March 24 2021”

March 21 2021

For the third consecutive day a record has been set for the number of immunisations given in a day. Despite all the controversy and other issues, the Health Service is just getting on with getting maximum protection from vaccine while we can and before the shortages begin to bite. They are certainly doing their bitContinue reading “March 21 2021”

March 19 2021

The fiasco in Europe continues as the UK continues to progress well towards the end of this current peak, which will only end with a very high rate of immunisation. It is significant that the UK has now immunised half of their adult population whereas in the EU the average is only 10%. Let’s firstContinue reading “March 19 2021”