October 1 2021

There is no covid data available yet as there are delays. I will start my report in the hope I can add the details at the end. I was particularly sad to hear of yet another devastating hospital fire in Costanta in the East of Romania as I had worked there as an NGO duringContinue reading “October 1 2021”

July 7 2021

It is often said, there are only two things certain in this life, that’s death and taxes. What it seems this country cannot cope with is uncertainty. There has certainly been plenty of that since the PM announced the planned ending of restrictions in mid-July. There have been numerous statements from politicians and scientists expressingContinue reading “July 7 2021”

May 24 2021

England passed 60 million doses of Covid vaccine given over the weekend with 750,000 being done on Saturday and over 6 million in the last 7 days. Unfortunately, and as predicted, the number testing positive is consistently over 2,200 per day. Today’s figure was 2,439 which equates to a positive rate of 23.2 per 100kContinue reading “May 24 2021”

May 17 2021

You have had both your jabs and are set to go. Stop right there. This week you need another shot of an abundance of caution, or so says our Prime Minister. The planned reduction in lockdown restrictions began this morning. The decision to move forward was balanced on a knife edge as the number ofContinue reading “May 17 2021”

May 10 2021

Headline news tonight: in addition to further significant relaxation of the lockdown planned for next week there have been no deaths in England from Covid, neither were there any in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The four that are recorded were all in Wales. I have to give the usual warning that today’s figures are influencedContinue reading “May 10 2021”

April 27 2021

Sir John Redwood, a well-known Conservative MP has expressed his anger at the EU over the way they have treated Astra Zenica. He branded the impending court action as ‘gross misjudgement’. Why on earth start a legal challenge in the middle of the pandemic despite its obvious effectiveness? There is demand for as much asContinue reading “April 27 2021”

April 26 2021

More excellent statistics for the United Kingdom tonight. On 25th April 1,477,709 Covid tests were done and only 2,064 were positive. There has been a further 6.5% reduction in the 7 day average and the positive test rate is now only 25.0 per 100k of the population Remembering Monday’s figures are still affected by theContinue reading “April 26 2021”