April 25 2021

Yet another catastrophic fire in a hospital called Ibn Al-katib hospital in Baghdad Iraq. At least 82 people have died, and death toll could well be a lot higher. It started in the intensive therapy unit and first suggestions are it was a faulty procedure in changing oxygen cylinders. How many more times is thisContinue reading “April 25 2021”

April 24 2021

There are two extremes today, Israel celebrates zero deaths in the last 24 hours and India mourns the loss of 25 patients in one hospital in Delhi who had run out of all oxygen supplies. The media are broadcasting interviews with distraught and desperate doctors and other health care staff. I remember trialling some newContinue reading “April 24 2021”

April 20 2021

There are concerns tonight about the predicted rise in short car journeys being made to get school children to school safely. The Dept. of Transport assess the current car usage at 70% of normal levels after the schools returned last month but has continued to rise since then. This in turn will cause both trafficContinue reading “April 20 2021”

March 30 2021

Once again the controversy over the OAZ vaccine has reappeared, both Canada and Germany have stopped giving it to the under 55 due to the incredible rare condition cavernous sinus thrombosis, a rare blood clotting at the base of the brain. There are estimated to be 2 cases per million of the population. There hasContinue reading “March 30 2021”