April 8 2022

According to the Government web site, the number of tests done in the UK in the week ending today was only 3,629,2226. Over a million less than in the previous week. Of those tests 333k were positive. 184 thousand less than the week before. We know just by looking around us that these figures areContinue reading “April 8 2022”

December 24 2021

First, I want to wish everyone the happiest possible Christmas the Covid pandemic can allow. Many of you reading this work for the NHS or the other Emergency Services so it may be business as usual. For some of us this Christmas may be easier than the last. Sadly, for many that is not true.Continue reading “December 24 2021”

December 22 2021

Despite today having the highest ever number of positive tests in this Covid outbreak, and being in excess of 100,000 for the first time, the glimmer of hope I referred to last time is actually now much brighter. The number of people becoming seriously ill and dying is not rising at all now, in factContinue reading “December 22 2021”

December 20 2021

It feels as though there is a strong atmosphere of uncertainty around at the moment. We all prefer to know what’s happening when faced with adversity. Christmas is less than a week away, we do not know whether our family party could be disrupted by political action. We are hearing dire warnings from the scientists.Continue reading “December 20 2021”

October 21 2021

There’s trouble ahead! I predicted 50,000 daily cases on Wednesday and the very next day that figure was exceeded and now even 100,000 daily cases seems distinctly possible again. I was quite forceful in my wording of the last report and most of you supported my sentiments. I will start with some good news IContinue reading “October 21 2021”

October 13 2021

I have spent some time today reading the House of Commons Health and Social Care and Science and Technology Committee’s report published yesterday entitled “Coronavirus: Lessons learned to date”. I had a special interest in this report as I had been part of a team that produced written evidence for this enquiry on behalf ofContinue reading “October 13 2021”

September 27 2021

The statistics continue to show a rather static picture, Covid is still very much with us, just not in the news! Over one million tests have been done on the last three days, and over 30,000 have been positive. Today 37,960 have been positive. That is about 28,000 more in this last week compared toContinue reading “September 27 2021”