September 15 2021

Mid September 2021, and eighteen months into the pandemic, what is the adult population of Britain ? The short answer is that no one has any real idea. Everything is based on guess estimates, people come up with widely differing figures. The last count was in 2011 and we counted again in 2021 with theContinue reading “September 15 2021”

August 30 2021

How was your Bank holiday? There was plenty of choice for those wanting to catch Covid 19. There were football matches, a test match, numerous camping festivals and many other events which in England had no rules to help prevent getting infected. To be fair many of the organisers did require evidence of immunisation andContinue reading “August 30 2021”

July 30 2021

Despite the large number of different opinions being expressed by scientists and politicians alike, it does seem to me that, although this emergency is far from over, the UK is making steady progress to overcome the pandemic and return our country to a new normal, where we remember the things we have done differently andContinue reading “July 30 2021”

July 12 2021

The football may be all over but the Covid pandemic most certainly is not. The Prime Minister tonight confirmed that the planned relaxation of legal restrictions will go ahead on 19th July. Whatever the date chosen it was going to cause difficulties. There will be an inevitable exit wave of increased cases. The 19th JulyContinue reading “July 12 2021”

July 7 2021

It is often said, there are only two things certain in this life, that’s death and taxes. What it seems this country cannot cope with is uncertainty. There has certainly been plenty of that since the PM announced the planned ending of restrictions in mid-July. There have been numerous statements from politicians and scientists expressingContinue reading “July 7 2021”