March 26 2021

We will start in the United States of America for a change. Dr Rochelle Walensky, the Director of the CDC reports with some concern that across the USA infection rates have started to rise again despite the rapid rise in the numbers now immunised. Having been dropping steadily since the new year, there are nowContinue reading “March 26 2021”

March 25 2021

In parliament today the Emergency Covid laws which cover all the lockdown measures were extended for a further 6 months until the end of October. The Labour party supported the Government but a number of Tory rebels voted against, but the Government easily won by 484 votes to 76. One new item was added toContinue reading “March 25 2021”

March 24 2021

The daily statistics are probably the best indicators of our slow progress to survive and come through this pandemic. Only 839,954 covid tests were done in the last 24 hours, this is a bit lower than usual but still an incredible number. There is no indication as to the reason it’s lower than normal, itContinue reading “March 24 2021”

March 15 2021

Coronaviruses like Covid 19 seem to evolve more slowly, it’s quite a sluggish virus compared with the influenza virus which can mutate much more frequently. This is why we have to tweak the seasonal influenza virus vaccine every year to cover the new variants and mutations. On the other hand the measles vaccine has beenContinue reading “March 15 2021”

March 21 2021

“ Nobody is safe until we are all safe “. It is partial immunity that will drive mutations. There are large swathes of our global population that remain un-immunised. These could act as a reservoir where mutations can emerge and therefore cause previously immunised communities to become reinfected with a resistant mutation. We are seeingContinue reading “March 21 2021”

March 9 2021

As people are now beginning to have their second Covid 19 immunisations, scientists have reminded us not to have a second dose of the same vaccine if you had a significant immediate reaction to the first one. If you had the typical reaction of fatigue, shivers, sore arm and muscle aches coming 12 hours orContinue reading “March 9 2021”