March 16 2022

Despite concerns that people were likely to drop routine testing if they were no longer required to, the British public have responded to the new surge in cases by continuing to test. The number of tests done in the last 7-day period continues to rise, the latest figure for tests done is now 4,867,725. ComparedContinue reading “March 16 2022”

July 30 2021

Despite the large number of different opinions being expressed by scientists and politicians alike, it does seem to me that, although this emergency is far from over, the UK is making steady progress to overcome the pandemic and return our country to a new normal, where we remember the things we have done differently andContinue reading “July 30 2021”

July 19 2021

It is somewhat ironic that today of all days we find the Prime Minister and the Chancellor both in 10 days self-isolation as Covid contacts and the Health Secretary also isolated at home with a Covid infection. We wish Sajid Javid a speedy recovery and hope he remains minimally affected. The statistics for the weekendContinue reading “July 19 2021”

July 14 2021

At the latest count, 92 patients are dead in yet another hospital fire in Iraq involving a Covid ward. There are also about 100 injured, some critically. It has been alleged that there was an electrical fault in the air conditioning which started the fire and then many oxygen cylinders exploded. An oxygen cylinder inContinue reading “July 14 2021”

March 11 2021

Dr Melissa Heightman is a member of NHS England’s Long Covid task force. She commented to confirm some new evidence emerging that patients who are hospitalised with covid 19 and then recovered are more likely to avoid any of the Long Covid after effects. It seems up to 1/5th or 20% of patients may developContinue reading “March 11 2021”