September 3 2021

The figures for today have included the young people aged 16-17 for the first time, however numbers are relatively small, with the change not obviously apparent, but is more accurate. As the children have returned to school and to regular testing again, so the number of daily tests has increased again. There were over 1Continue reading “September 3 2021”

April 8 2021

Matt Hancock quite rightly has denied claims from UCL that the UK will reach herd immunity for Covid 19 on Monday as 75.4% of the population will have Covid antibodies through catching the disease or being immunised. Normally a figure of 95% is thought to be the level for herd immunity to develop. That certainlyContinue reading “April 8 2021”

March 30 2021

Once again the controversy over the OAZ vaccine has reappeared, both Canada and Germany have stopped giving it to the under 55 due to the incredible rare condition cavernous sinus thrombosis, a rare blood clotting at the base of the brain. There are estimated to be 2 cases per million of the population. There hasContinue reading “March 30 2021”

March 26 2021

We will start in the United States of America for a change. Dr Rochelle Walensky, the Director of the CDC reports with some concern that across the USA infection rates have started to rise again despite the rapid rise in the numbers now immunised. Having been dropping steadily since the new year, there are nowContinue reading “March 26 2021”

March 25 2021

In parliament today the Emergency Covid laws which cover all the lockdown measures were extended for a further 6 months until the end of October. The Labour party supported the Government but a number of Tory rebels voted against, but the Government easily won by 484 votes to 76. One new item was added toContinue reading “March 25 2021”

March 18 2021

Tonight, things seem a bit clearer on the problem of supply and use of the OAZ vaccine. In turn today, firstly the British, regulator the MRHA repeated their assertion that the vaccine for OAZ was safe to use. They confirmed they were investigating 5 patients, all men, with cerebral venous thrombosis aged 19 to 59.Continue reading “March 18 2021”