February 7 2022

For most of us no news is good news when it comes to Covid. On the other hand, the media and news organisations want bad news because bad news sell newspapers and attract more viewers to the news. I am delighted that the anniversary of Her Majesty and the Olympic games have become more important.Continue reading “February 7 2022”

July 26 2021

There has been considerable difficulty collecting the Covid statistics in the last three days. For 3 days running it has allegedly been due to difficulties with the English deaths data. On Saturday it was 8 hours late being released a few minutes before midnight. Today an hour and a quarter late. How hard is itContinue reading “July 26 2021”

June 21 2021

The statistics for the last 3 days have remained very steady. Unfortunately, the hospital data is still not updated every day. The latest published figures are 226 new cases admitted on 15th June with 1,413 admitted in the previous 7 days. 1,316 patients were in hospital beds. The only figure to change was the numberContinue reading “June 21 2021”