December 22 2021

Despite today having the highest ever number of positive tests in this Covid outbreak, and being in excess of 100,000 for the first time, the glimmer of hope I referred to last time is actually now much brighter. The number of people becoming seriously ill and dying is not rising at all now, in factContinue reading “December 22 2021”

December 15 2021

Today, there are the most positive tests found in one day since the pandemic began. The number of tests done has exceeded 1.3 million on each day and 78, 610 have been found positive. Prof Chris Witty said tonight that the situation was critical and in some parts of the country are already seeing aContinue reading “December 15 2021”

December 13 2021

“Just Get boosted Now” is the message from just about every scientist consulted by the media. Our Prime Minister went on TV at 8pm on a Sunday to give the same message to us all. It was a busy weekend. The National Threat Level has been raised to four from three. The highest level isContinue reading “December 13 2021”

December 3 2021

“The Omicron variant is a cause for concern, not panic” said Jeff Ziets, the US President’s Covid 19 response coordinator. He continued, saying “vaccines remained our most important tool”. The USA managed to give 2.2 million shots to its residents yesterday. It also sent 9 million shots to South Africa. Cases of the Omicron variantContinue reading “December 3 2021”