April 27 2021

Sir John Redwood, a well-known Conservative MP has expressed his anger at the EU over the way they have treated Astra Zenica. He branded the impending court action as ‘gross misjudgement’. Why on earth start a legal challenge in the middle of the pandemic despite its obvious effectiveness? There is demand for as much asContinue reading “April 27 2021”

April 25 2021

Yet another catastrophic fire in a hospital called Ibn Al-katib hospital in Baghdad Iraq. At least 82 people have died, and death toll could well be a lot higher. It started in the intensive therapy unit and first suggestions are it was a faulty procedure in changing oxygen cylinders. How many more times is thisContinue reading “April 25 2021”

April 24 2021

There are two extremes today, Israel celebrates zero deaths in the last 24 hours and India mourns the loss of 25 patients in one hospital in Delhi who had run out of all oxygen supplies. The media are broadcasting interviews with distraught and desperate doctors and other health care staff. I remember trialling some newContinue reading “April 24 2021”