February 25 2022

Tonight, the loss of life is beginning to rise significantly following the Russian aggression in the Ukraine. Most people had hoped that war in Europe would be a thing of the past. It is difficult to find verifiable figures, but it would seem there has already been considerable loss of life, much more than isContinue reading “February 25 2022”

February 1 2022

Last night’s data was not published until nearly 11pm and today’s has been delayed an hour. Boris may get it, but I cannot see any substantive changes in the data and there are no unexpected differences. Today it is reported that 1,217, 971 tests were completed yesterday, of which 112,468 were positive. It is onlyContinue reading “February 1 2022”

October 15 2021

Only minimal facts and figures are released at weekends which makes comparison quite difficult. I cannot see any sign of improvement on the horizon. It is tomorrow and Wednesday when fuller more up to -date figures are released. The Government have added a rider to today’s statistics, apparently there are no figures from Wales inContinue reading “October 15 2021”

October 18 2021

Yet again the daily statistics have not been released at the usual time and will be delayed for some time. I am therefore only reporting the weekend figures. I will try to add todays when they do arrive. The total tests done over the weekend were only reported on Saturday and were under 1 millionContinue reading “October 18 2021”