January 24 2022

It is said that a week is long time in politics, but I have also come to realise 5 days is a long time in a Covid pandemic. Thank you to those who added comments while I was away to keep the thread alive and interesting. Today 1.23 million tests have been recorded. I wonderContinue reading “January 24 2022”

December 17 2021

Covid records continue to tumble and will go on doing so for a while. Well over 1.5 million tests were done on the last two days, which has resulted in 93,045 positive results today. This means the positive rate has also risen with 535 per 100,000 of the population testing positive. London has been relativelyContinue reading “December 17 2021”

December 13 2021

“Just Get boosted Now” is the message from just about every scientist consulted by the media. Our Prime Minister went on TV at 8pm on a Sunday to give the same message to us all. It was a busy weekend. The National Threat Level has been raised to four from three. The highest level isContinue reading “December 13 2021”

December 3 2021

“The Omicron variant is a cause for concern, not panic” said Jeff Ziets, the US President’s Covid 19 response coordinator. He continued, saying “vaccines remained our most important tool”. The USA managed to give 2.2 million shots to its residents yesterday. It also sent 9 million shots to South Africa. Cases of the Omicron variantContinue reading “December 3 2021”

December 1 2021

In order not to completely spoil our Christmas festivities for a second year, our Government are trying very hard to keep things as normal as possible and to allow social activities to keep the hospitality industry still at work and to boost the morale of the community which has clearly began to wane. All isContinue reading “December 1 2021”

November 5 2021

As we come to the end of another week, its only 6 weeks until the daylight hours begin to last longer, and Christmas gets closer. Cop 26 and racism in cricket are way ahead of Covid in the news coverage. People are bored with Covid and want to move on. It is so important toContinue reading “November 5 2021”

October 29 2021

First tonight some good news for travellers returning to England soon who have been double vaccinated. The remaining 7 countries on the Red list are removed from the list with effect from Monday, according to Grant Shapps. This means no compulsory quarantine in Government approved hotels proving you are double vaccinated and you will onlyContinue reading “October 29 2021”

October 5 2021

Another quiet weekend in the UK with our pandemic facts and figures. The numbers testing positive each day remains stubbornly high, whereas serious cases and deaths do seem to continue to decline. We have our very high immunisation figures to thank for that. Virtually all the critically ill in hospital are not fully vaccinated. TheContinue reading “October 5 2021”

September 29 2021

Inspired by reading my National Trust magazine for Autumn which has just arrived, I read that “Research has revealed that time outdoors boosts self esteem and encourages calmness.” So I was up and out early in the sun this morning to have some lungs full of fresh clean air and a large dose of theContinue reading “September 29 2021”

September 27 2021

The statistics continue to show a rather static picture, Covid is still very much with us, just not in the news! Over one million tests have been done on the last three days, and over 30,000 have been positive. Today 37,960 have been positive. That is about 28,000 more in this last week compared toContinue reading “September 27 2021”