September 17 2021

I was hoping to include the changes Grant Shapps is expected to make today about international travel. So far there is no detail of when it will happen. I hope I can include this on the end of my report tonight. There are demands for the traffic light system to be simplified. Virtually every adultContinue reading “September 17 2021”

September 6 2021

Well over 1 million tests have been done daily according to the figures published for the last three days. Today mass testing in schools began in England as the bulk of school children returned. This means we can expect a rise this week in the number of tests being done. The rise of just 2.4%Continue reading “September 6 2021”

September 1 2021

As Monday was a Bank Holiday, it is to be expected that today Wednesday will have the highest numbers reported this week. 921,000 tests were done yesterday compared with 672,000 on the Bank Holiday Monday. 35,693 were positive which is 517 less positive cases in the last 7 days compared with the previous week. AContinue reading “September 1 2021”

August 30 2021

How was your Bank holiday? There was plenty of choice for those wanting to catch Covid 19. There were football matches, a test match, numerous camping festivals and many other events which in England had no rules to help prevent getting infected. To be fair many of the organisers did require evidence of immunisation andContinue reading “August 30 2021”

August 25 2021

The last two days have continued to provide a largely stable picture of the pandemic, With the number of cases only slowly creeping up, and the number of hospital admissions mostly quite static with only day to day variations. The number of covid tests being done has been below 750 thousand for the last coupleContinue reading “August 25 2021”

August 20 2021

I think there is no doubt now that all the figures are going in the wrong direction despite everyone’s best efforts. The rise is only less than about 10% every week, but over several months it will begin to mount up and impact again on the way the Health Services in the UK can cope.Continue reading “August 20 2021”