July 30 2021

Despite the large number of different opinions being expressed by scientists and politicians alike, it does seem to me that, although this emergency is far from over, the UK is making steady progress to overcome the pandemic and return our country to a new normal, where we remember the things we have done differently andContinue reading “July 30 2021”

July 14 2021

At the latest count, 92 patients are dead in yet another hospital fire in Iraq involving a Covid ward. There are also about 100 injured, some critically. It has been alleged that there was an electrical fault in the air conditioning which started the fire and then many oxygen cylinders exploded. An oxygen cylinder inContinue reading “July 14 2021”

July 12 2021

The football may be all over but the Covid pandemic most certainly is not. The Prime Minister tonight confirmed that the planned relaxation of legal restrictions will go ahead on 19th July. Whatever the date chosen it was going to cause difficulties. There will be an inevitable exit wave of increased cases. The 19th JulyContinue reading “July 12 2021”

June 28 2021

Well, after the revelations that hit the news on Friday, it was inevitable that the former Health Secretary resigned on Saturday and by Sunday we have a new leader in place. Sajid Javid is no stranger to politics at the highest levels, having been previously both Home Secretary and Chancellor. This past experience will helpContinue reading “June 28 2021”

May 24 2021

England passed 60 million doses of Covid vaccine given over the weekend with 750,000 being done on Saturday and over 6 million in the last 7 days. Unfortunately, and as predicted, the number testing positive is consistently over 2,200 per day. Today’s figure was 2,439 which equates to a positive rate of 23.2 per 100kContinue reading “May 24 2021”

May 7 2021

The Covid statistics for England continue to impress and we are clear leaders at present in the global battle against Covid, alongside Israel which is a much smaller nation. Today, 1,037,566 Covid tests were done and 2,190 were positive. This represents a 7.9% drop in the 7 day rolling average. The rate of positive testsContinue reading “May 7 2021”

April 20 2021

There are concerns tonight about the predicted rise in short car journeys being made to get school children to school safely. The Dept. of Transport assess the current car usage at 70% of normal levels after the schools returned last month but has continued to rise since then. This in turn will cause both trafficContinue reading “April 20 2021”