April 4 2022

Today we are reminded there is a Covid Crisis, a Ukraine Crisis and a Climate Change Crisis. In which order would you place them in terms of its impact on your current and future life on this planet? The answer will I think very much depend on how old you are, where you live andContinue reading “April 4 2022”

March 4 2022

The first week of the new data presentation for Covid has been accompanied by the most distressing circumstances in Europe that most of us will have ever experienced. The 100 deaths a day from Covid has faded almost to insignificance compared to the thousands killed or injured in Ukraine. Over 1 million refugees created inContinue reading “March 4 2022”

February 25 2022

Tonight, the loss of life is beginning to rise significantly following the Russian aggression in the Ukraine. Most people had hoped that war in Europe would be a thing of the past. It is difficult to find verifiable figures, but it would seem there has already been considerable loss of life, much more than isContinue reading “February 25 2022”