April 27 2021

Sir John Redwood, a well-known Conservative MP has expressed his anger at the EU over the way they have treated Astra Zenica. He branded the impending court action as ‘gross misjudgement’. Why on earth start a legal challenge in the middle of the pandemic despite its obvious effectiveness? There is demand for as much asContinue reading “April 27 2021”

April 26 2021

More excellent statistics for the United Kingdom tonight. On 25th April 1,477,709 Covid tests were done and only 2,064 were positive. There has been a further 6.5% reduction in the 7 day average and the positive test rate is now only 25.0 per 100k of the population Remembering Monday’s figures are still affected by theContinue reading “April 26 2021”

April 7 2021

Prof Jonathan Van Tam demonstrated his skill in the use of English when he announced a ‘course correction’ this afternoon in the use of vaccine in the UK while experts continue to assess any link between the OAZ vaccine and the very rare cerebral venous blood clots in association with low platelets. This course correctionContinue reading “April 7 2021”

March 26 2021

We will start in the United States of America for a change. Dr Rochelle Walensky, the Director of the CDC reports with some concern that across the USA infection rates have started to rise again despite the rapid rise in the numbers now immunised. Having been dropping steadily since the new year, there are nowContinue reading “March 26 2021”