March 23 2022

Exactly two years ago today our Prime Minister spoke to us all saying “You must stay at home.” It seems a long time ago. At that stage there were no vaccines and no antivirals. We were just beginning to understand what coming out of the EU would mean for us. Today, two years later, WeContinue reading “March 23 2022”

March 4 2022

The first week of the new data presentation for Covid has been accompanied by the most distressing circumstances in Europe that most of us will have ever experienced. The 100 deaths a day from Covid has faded almost to insignificance compared to the thousands killed or injured in Ukraine. Over 1 million refugees created inContinue reading “March 4 2022”

February 1 2022

Last night’s data was not published until nearly 11pm and today’s has been delayed an hour. Boris may get it, but I cannot see any substantive changes in the data and there are no unexpected differences. Today it is reported that 1,217, 971 tests were completed yesterday, of which 112,468 were positive. It is onlyContinue reading “February 1 2022”

Jan 14 2022

Did the leading tennis player in the world really expect that Australian officials would accept a name like Novak without checking his vaccine status. His poor parents must be wishing he had been given another name. Today’s figures continue to be encouraging. There were 1.57 million tests yesterday and 1.4 million today. These figures areContinue reading “Jan 14 2022”

January 12 2022

I am pleased that today’s figures confirm the optimism of a couple of days ago was justified. We need a few more days data to be sure that the return to school has not caused a rise in cases. The number of tests done today is still a very significant 1.41 million but, is actuallyContinue reading “January 12 2022”